Who is Xu Zhihui of China? Person Behind Cat In Blender Video Full Original Footage

By | May 9, 2023

Who is Xu Zhihui of China? (Food Blogger) Person Behind Cat In Blender Video Full Original Footage.

After authorities apprehended the initial offender in the widely shared video of a cat being tormented in a blender with the entire priginal film now becoming viral, a group of Chinese animal abusers reportedly threatened to put other cats in blenders.

News of a potential live stream event where several animal abusers would torture animals to death in blenders is going viral after the arrest of the initial cat abuser.

Who is China’s Xu Zhihui, the man behind the cat-in-a-blender video that has gone viral on Twitter and Reddit?Reddit has already taken down the thread that first broke the news of the widespread cat mistreatment.

Police arrest food blogger after posting viral video of a cat tortured in a blender

Xu Zhihui

Xu Zhihui

The video of a vulnerable cat being tormented in a blender that was released by a food blogger sparked outrage on Twitter and TikTok. According to reports, the person who made and shared the video was quickly detained by a Chinese police officer. However, there are currently questions as to whether authorities actually apprehended the appropriate person.

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Xu Zhihui has been recognized as the guy who was detained by the police. From Anhui, Xu is a well-known food blogger and vlogger on Chinese social media sites like Weibo and Bilibili. Despite being detained, Xu wasn’t actually arrested for torturing and killing animals.

In China, these behaviors are not regarded as unlawful. Instead, law enforcement officers detained him on suspicion of spreading objectionable online content, including the videos of cat mistreatment.

Additionally, Xu is in “administrative detention,” which in China is limited to 15 days. This kind of detention, which does not entail filing criminal charges, is extremely typical for law enforcement.

Group of cat abusers looking to take revenge

According to reports, other cat abusers are seeking retaliation and are preparing to hurt additional cats as a result of the arrest. A Reddit user shared screenshots from “cat abuser” groups that showed a number of people supporting the perpetrator.

Threats to host a large-scale broadcast event where abusers would kill additional cats by torturing them are revealed in the screenshots.

Cat abuse a major phenomenon in China

Despite the fact that China now has a law known as the Wild Animal Protection Law, its main objective is to protect rare species. As a result, there isn’t an Animal Welfare Act that applies to all animals. Because of this, it is fairly popular and still legal to abuse animals like cats and dogs.

Cat abuse has increased significantly in recent years, with some abusers even starting a number of chat forums. These groups are created on well-known Chinese messaging services like QQ and WeChat. Members of these communities openly share their cat cruelty experiences. Additionally, they share films and pictures showing the assault and even sell the materials for a fee.

It is startling to see that many of these cat abuse organizations actively recruit students and adolescents. In fact, one of the group members, who claims to be only 10, freely admits to like torturing cats. Even though he is a kid, the young lad dared others to take legal action against him.

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