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Seth Meyers Joins Cecily Strong In The Verizon Commercial

Verizon is definitely one of the most popular commercials on American TV. Since 2022, the cellular operator has released many beloved advertisements involving the people’s favorite actors. A constant presence has always been her, Cecily Strong, who has been the face of Verizon for months. And he is often accompanied by someone who sparks fan… Read More »

Bryan Cranston Voices The Ford “Men’s Only” Commercial

For International Women’s Day 2023, Ford actually had a great idea: introducing their new advertisement with an obvious contradiction, presenting the new Ford Explorer “Men’s Only” edition. The voice narrating the commercial is famous actor Brian Cranston, who is busy explaining all the missing parts in the car. It seems to have something to do… Read More »

Domestic Violence After The Tubi Super Bowl Commercial: What Happened?

We can definitely agree on one thing: no one expected a commercial like the one that aired during the 2023 Super Bowl promoting streaming platform Tubi. In just 15 seconds, viewers have the impression that something (or someone) took over their televisions and turned to Tubi, just as the sportscaster was welcoming everyone back to… Read More »

Jason Kelce Narrates Philly In The Wawa Commercial

Wawa made a decision: they’re going to be airing their first Super Bowl commercial in 2023, and the idea this time was pretty straightforward: acclaimed football personalities like Jason Kelce, center of the Philadelphia Eagles, express his love for Philly, brotherly love, and… hoagies. The “no sub”: the Philadelphia-area signature sandwich is the best way… Read More »