Laura Bailey Leaked On “The Last Of Us” Cameo From A Major Game Star (Watch Video)

By | March 13, 2023

Laura Bailey Leaked On “The Last Of Us” Cameo From A Major Game Star; There’s a viral video of laura bailey leaked on “The Last Of Us” cameo from a major game star trending on twitter, reddit, youtube and other social media platforms.

Merle Dandridge, it turns out, isn’t the only original The Last of Us game actor to repeat his part in the HBO adaptation. Laura Bailey is, thus, technically, just not the one that fans immediately picture. Joel (Pedro Pascal) welcomes Ellie (Bella Ramsay) to Team Firefly at the season one finale’s conclusion. However, he fiercely protects Ellie when he finds out that in order to create a vaccine, doctors must remove the cordyceps from her brain, which would practically kill her.

Laura Bailey Leaked On “The Last Of Us” Cameo

Laura Bailey Leaked On “The Last Of Us” Cameo

The doctor and two nurses trying to operate on Ellie were startled as Joel ran through the hospital and slammed through the operating room door. Bailey definitely plays one of the nurses, according to the episode credits.

Gaming enthusiasts are well aware of Bailey’s motion-capture and vocal work as Abby, a pivotal figure in The Last of Us Part II, which we won’t discuss since it would be too spoilery. Yet, Bailey is a seasoned video game voice actor who also appeared in the first full-length film of 2013, The Last of Us.

Bailey voiced a nurse in the operating room, according to Neil Druckmann, one of the HBO series’ creators who also contributed to the game’s development. In the adaption, the actress will now play the same part.

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She commanded, “Come on! I’ll handle it. Please invite me to the concert. In a video conference alongside Druckmann, another host of the show, Craig Mazin, spoke at a press conference. We told you we loved you. Yes, of course. By the way, I won’t tell you which one,” he said. These two nurses appear to be twins.

In season 2 and onwards, none of the executive producers disqualified Bailey from making a significant cameo or guest appearance, just as they did with other seasoned actors like Ashley Johnson, Troy Baker, Jeffrey Pierce, and Dandridge. Follow suit. Druckmann remarked of Pele, “Maybe next season we’ll try something different with her. Mazin concurs, saying, “I mean, she puts on a mask, so next season we can do whatever we want with her.

Mazin also described how the sequence was shot in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada, in an abandoned hospital that was going to be razed. She cried just looking at it, he added as he led Bailey through the set. The same event took place the moment Mel placed Marlene’s wig on. Because of Neil’s Game, she sobbed. The finest VR adaption of The Last of Us feels like entering this impossible universe when you leave the real world.

According to Druckmann, Bailey “gave me this really, really funny photo” that she snapped on the day that sequence was filmed. Because the upcoming plot has a lot to do with the operating room, for those who are aware with the character she is portraying. Maybe I’ll tweet them this picture after the season is over.

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