Kyle Walker Bar Video Leaked (Watch Full Video)

By | March 8, 2023

Kyle Walker Bar Video Leaked; There’s this viral video kyle walker bar leaked on twitter, reddit, instagram and other social media platform trending. According to a story, England footballer Kyle Walker kissed a blonde woman and fondled her br3a$ts while flashing at a club, according to video evidence.

While inside the Manchester event, the woman, who wasn’t his wife Annie Kilner, 30, appeared to grind behind the 32-year-old Manchester City defender. About 5:20 p.m. on Sunday, he and his male companions made their way to the pub.

Punters enjoying a night out were reportedly startled by the horrible behaviour which carried on for roughly 90 minutes until 7pm. As Walker allegedly exposed himself at the bar, the police may now look into the matter.

In video obtained by the Sun, the inebriated footballer seemed to drop his tracksuit bottoms close to drinkers. Walker chuckled with a pal as one of the two women in his group yelled back and pointed.

Kyle Walker Bar Video Leaked

Kyle Walker Bar Video Leaked

After only a few minutes, the singer reportedly made himself visible once more, this time barely a few feet away from two additional women who were seated in a bar booth.

Then, he is alleged to have moved closer to greet them and shook their hands. Another video from the evening appears to show him kissing and ‘pawing’ at one of his female pals. None of the video that the Sun was able to view featured his wife.

Walker’s despicable actions occurred the day after his team, Man City, defeated Newcastle United 2-0. The footballer, who makes £150,000 per week, arrived at the Manchester bar on Sunday with two blonde women and male companions in a darkened van provided by the company Man City uses. He was visibly inebriated.

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Walker apparently appeared wobbly on his feet as he stumbled to the bar’s entrance with one of the women. He was dressed in a puffer jacket and a cap. Then, it looked like he was pawing at her breasts from behind.

Before boarding the minibus shortly before 7 o’clock in the evening, he spent roughly an hour and a half drinking and dancing with his buddies.

Walker was then asked to return to the pub to settle the £250 bill. A bartender allegedly waited for him with a card reader while the footballer carelessly handled his wallet when he came back.

Even though Walker might claim that the flashing was a joke, authorities may want to question him for indecent exposure, which has a potential two-year prison sentence for offenders.

Whether or not it is done for shock value, “for a so-called chuckle,” or to frighten victims, it can have long-term ramifications and create upset and trauma, a Women’s Aid representative told the Sun.

She stated that without sanctions, perpetrators may build up the confidence to ‘see what they can get away with next time’. The footage was described as “very worrying” and “extremely frightening” by a source, according to the Sun.

According to the $3xual Offences Act of 2003, indecent exposure occurs when a person purposefully exposes their genitalia with the goal that it may be seen by others and may cause concern or distress.

When a person engages in a “lewd, vulgar or filthy” act in front of two or more members of the public, they are committing the common law offense of outraging public decency.

Ex-glamour model Annie allegedly dumped Walker following a succession of romps with reality TV personality Laura Brown, 31, but they reconciled in 2019. But, he was abandoned once more in 2020 after model Lauryn Goodman claimed to be carrying his child.

Following his arrest in 2020 for violating the Covid lockdown regulations by hosting a four-hour $3x party with two escorts, Walker moved into an apartment. But, Annie forgave him once he proposed to her with a £250,000 ring in June of that same year.

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