Fans Love The Chewy Cat Commercial & Peanut Butter Box

By | March 6, 2023

Everyone knows it: if you want to be remembered with ads, you need a pet. Super Bowl 2023 proved that again with Amazon’s ads for Sawyer and Farm Dog, and even Subaru happily refreshed our memories with the Barkley family. In all these competitions, Chewy is still present with their two beloved commercials airing since 2022: one with a cat and the other famous as the “Peanut Butter Box” commercial: let’s find out who the pets are, what breed they are, and how their fans are in love with them .

You can watch the Chewy 2022 cat commercial Herewhile the two dogs discussing the Peanut Butter Box are here on Youtube.

The Chewy cat ad and the Peanut Butter Box ad are fan favorites

The commercial campaign shared by Chewy in 2022 garnered positive feedback everywhere, and people loved the pets playing in the ads. The Youtube video shared by the pet product company gives us more information about the protagonist.

The cat in the Chewy 2022 commercial is Joy, depicted as “a lovable, cuddly, Chartreux cat with a flair for the dramatic.” on Youtube. He was clearly delighted by the low prices his master had found on Chewy’s website, but not so much to pet for more than a few seconds. “Now back to my time,” he quickly announced right after his owner started petting him.

The dogs in Chewy’s “Peanut Butter Box” commercials are way more chatty. Their names are Giorgio and Ralph, a Chihuahua and (possibly) an English Mastiff, both excited to have Chewy’s box at their door. Ralph believes it’s a box full of Peanut Butter, but Giorgio tries to correct him: it’s a box of recipes Chewy sent him; the only thing is their master always gives them peanut butter when they have to take medicine. Still, Ralph doesn’t bother with the details: he gets the peanut butter. “The peanut butter box is here,” she sings happily at the end of the commercial.

The ad has been running for months, but people still love it. You can head over to Twitter and read the enthusiastic comments that appear daily, attesting to the resounding success of their campaign. And then there’s Lenny and Leroy, two Holland Lop bunnies who are crazy about their biscuits advertisement that you find here. So you have a complete picture of your favorite pet on TV.

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