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By | February 15, 2023

Here’s everything we know about The Sandman Season 2, from whether there is a Netflix release date or trailer, to cast, plot, and more.

Neil Gaiman’s seminal comic book has seen a torturous journey to the screen. Many have tried to adapt it since the 1990s, veering from “the worst script” the author had ever read, to Joseph Gordon-Levitt being attached to star in a Sandman movie. In other words, it was in development hell.

Not anymore – Netflix managed to condense The Sandman’s epic scale and deliver a debut season worthy of the source material’s stature in pop culture. Check out our review here.

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If you’re wanting to know whether to expect Season 2, you’re in luck: this is everything we know so far.

Spoilers for The Sandman Season 1 below…

The Sandman Season 2: Is it getting another season?

The Sandman is officially coming back for Season 2.

The news first emerged in a now-deleted tweet DC Comics’ official Twitter page. Netflix has since confirmed the show’s renewal.

“There are some astonishing stories waiting for Morpheus and the rest of them… now it’s time to get back to work. There’s a family meal ahead, after all. And Lucifer is waiting for Morpheus to return to Hell,” Gaiman said.

This news is likely to come as a big relief to fans of the series – with cancellation rumors and conversations circulating in a big way following the release of the first season.

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The creative team has already begun developing the second season, with David S. Goyer telling Den of Geek: “In some ways, it’s easier because we’ve educated the audience to the basic ideas. We’ve shown how the dreaming life can affect the waking world.

“With that groundwork done, the show can now build on those themes. They’re more like jazz, where you get to plan variations. And we get to stretch our wings a bit more.”

Back in 2019, Gaiman also told the Radio Times: “There are three of us, the showrunner Allan Heinberg, David Goyer, and me, and we’ve just finished writing the first episode, and plotting and breaking down the first two seasons, so we’ll see what happens next.”

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In recent tweets though, Gaiman didn’t seem so certain over the fate of The Sandman, due to how much a second season would cost.

In response to a fan who asked why Season 2 hasn’t been greenlit, he wrote: “Because Sandman is a really expensive show. And for Netflix to release the money to let us make another season we have to perform incredibly well. So yes, we’ve been the top show in the world for the last two weeks. That still may not be enough.”

Is there a The Sandman Season 2 release date?

As Season 2 hasn’t been given the go-ahead by Netflix, there’s no official release date at the time of writing.

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The show was first announced back in 2019, and its production had to contend with global restrictions before releasing on Netflix on August 5, 2022.

So, if the powers that be decide to green-light The Sandman Season 2, it’s likely we’ll see its release date in the tail-end of 2023, if not the first half of 2024.

The Sandman Season 2 cast: Who’s in it?

There are currently no confirmed details on casting for a second season of The Sandman. However, we would expect to see the vast majority of The Sandman cast to return for Season 2. This includes:

  • Tom Sturridge as Morpheus, aka Dream, aka The Sandman
  • Gwendoline Christie as Lucifer Morningstar
  • Vivienne Acheampong as Lucienne
  • Kirby Howell-Baptiste as Death
  • Mason Alexander Park as Desire
  • Donna Preston as Despair
  • Jenna Coleman as Johanna Constantine
  • Vanesu Samunyai as Rose Walker
  • Eddie Karanja as Jed Walker
  • Patton Oswalt as Matthew the Raven
  • Sanjeev Bhaskar as Cain
  • Asim Chaudhry as Able
  • Razane Jammal as Lyta Hall

Unfortunately, it’s unlikely we’ll see The Corinthian (Boyd Holbrook) in Season 2, after he was defeated by The Sandman in the finale after his reign of serial-killer terror in the waking world. Morpheus did say he’d remake him again, but that’ll probably be saved for the third season.

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Boyd Holbrook as The Corinthian in The SandmanNetflix

It’s unlikely we’ll see The Corinthian in Season 2.

Stephen Fry was an understated highlight of the first season, starring as Gilbert, a cane-wielding friend to Rose Walker. It’s later revealed he’s actually Fiddlers Green, and returns to his true form: a luscious, green meadow. So, we likely won’t see him again, either.

As for new characters in The Sandman cast, there’s a few Endless still to come: we’ve not yet seen Destiny, Destruction, or Delirium, nor have we met their parents, Night and Time.

In a recent interview with Comic Book, Gaimain revealed the Endless he’s most looking forward to seeing next: Delirium.

He said: “I mean, Delirium. I loved Delirium because she wrote her own dialogue. Most characters, you have to start at the page and turn things over in your head and carefully type it out. All I would ever have to do for Delirium is come up with a really good straight line, and then I type what she said.

“There’s a part of my brain that always supplies Delirium lines. So, I mean, she’s, for me, she’s just my favourite and an absolute delight.”

There’s also other gods, demons, and angels, such as The Sandman’s own version of Loki and The Presence, the supreme being at the heart of the universe.

The Sandman Season 2 plot: What’s it about?

No details on the second season of The Sandman have been revealed as of yet. The debut season of The Sandman tied some things up nicely, with Rose and Jed back together again after years apart, and their great-grandmother sacrificing herself as the Vortex to save the world. That said, because Rose gave away her heart, she’s left unable to love in the comics, so we may see that unfold next time.

Trouble is brewing elsewhere, though. Desire promised to “draw blood” in their next efforts against Morpheus, so expect another cruel scheme from them and Despair. The season also ended with Lucifer promising to do “something that will make God absolutely livid and bring Morpheus to his knees.”

There’s also the matter of whether Morpheus will come for Lyta’s child.

Is there a trailer for The Sandman Season 2?

As Season 2 hasn’t been greenlit yet, there’s no trailer at the time of writing. However, we’ll update this space upon further announcements.

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