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By | May 3, 2023

Cat Blender Tiktok VideoCurrently viral video trending on tiktok, “Cat Blender” has led some users to believe that it is a woman making the rounds because of a leaked video.

The viral topic, however, is about a helpless cat that was pureed in a blender, thus there is no fact to support it. We can see a cat being pureed in a blender in the Twitter video.

Cat Blender Video Twitter

Cat Blender Video Twitter

Social media users are harshly criticizing the film and its creator as a result. Next, internet users look for cat blender videos on various social media websites.

Cat Blender Video Gone Viral on Twitter and Reddit

The Cat Blender’s video became popular online, and many people are now sharing it on social networking sites like Reddit and Twitter.

When the video was shared, they were all horrified by it and advised other internet users not to share it further. Many internet users couldn’t believe someone would subject a cat to such traumatic circumstances in order to torture it.

“The person who made the cat in a blender is so f*** sick, why the hell would you put a f*** cat into a blender,” a frightened Twitter user said.

We discovered through social media platform exploration that the video was initially shared by the Twitter account Scary Content, but that the film has since been removed due to Twitter policy violations.

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Despite this, numerous additional outlets have tweeted the clip, which has everyone in awe.

Cat Blender Video: Story Explained

As was already mentioned, everyone has been sharing the viral video of a cat being pureed in a blender under the name “cat blender.”

A phony film showing a person engaging in an intimate moment has been published by certain unauthorized Twitter accounts in the meanwhile. But its sole purpose in existence was to garner likes and views.

But a cat is currently the hot topic on social media. A cat was placed in a blender and blended in a video that was recorded by an individual whose identity has not been made public.

Who Is Person Behind Cat In Blender Video?

As we are all aware, the cat in the blender video has gained widespread attention, and online rumor has it that cat blender is the one who mixed the cat. The perpetrator of this savagery has not yet been identified, though.


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