A_v_a_james88 Leaked Video; Kristin Macdonald Onlyfans (Teacher Under Fired)

By | May 11, 2023

A_v_a_james88 Leaked Video; Kristin Macdonald Onlyfans! (Teacher Under Fired)

In her day-to-day life, Kristin MacDonald is a teaching assistant in suburban Vancouver. But at night she doffs her duds and becomes OnlyFans star, Ava James AKA The Dommy Mommy.

Now, MacDonald’s two worlds have collided and she’s engaged in a bitter battle with the Coquitlam School Board who want her to take down the page — or face firing

A_v_a_james88 Leaked Video; Kristin Macdonald Onlyfans

A_v_a_james88 Leaked Video; Kristin Macdonald Onlyfans

The single mother of two said she needs the extra income from the subscriber-based web platform. On April 28, matters came to a head when she was informed there had been a complaint about her nocturnal activities.

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MaDonald was informed she was in violation of the collective agreement.

“My reaction when I received the letter, obviously, this is a controversial topic,” MacDonald told Global News. “I took precautions in order to keep all my fans and my education job separate.”

She added: “I do believe that I should be able to continue on. I’m not hurting anyone. I’m not breaking the law. So I stand by where I’m at right now.”

The school board said its policy is not to discuss internal matters.

“I really want to talk about the stigma… and let’s have more conversations about women owning their sexuality, being proud of their body,” MacDonald said.

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